Some are affected, we are all meant!

It has been some time now and it has remained quiet for a long time since in August 2017 one of the most important Internet platforms of the radical Left was banned by the Ministry of the Interior under flimsy justifications and then taken off the Internet by the operators*.

Since 2009 accompanied us in our daily battles and provided us with a suitable medium. On no other platform with this range in the German-speaking area was it possible to exchange, report and explain oneself anonymously and securely. No other platform managed to unite so many spectra and movements that actively participated in left-wing radical public relations.

When the great heads of state met for the G20 summit at the beginning of July 2017, massive resistance developed against it, which led to a temporary loss of control of the security forces. In response to this strong protest, among other things, a wave of repression against the left-wing scene in Germany in the form of house searches, public searches, long (pre-trial) prison sentences, smear campaigns and tightening of laws was unleashed in the months that followed. In this context we also see the ban of

That this happens besides in a time, in which again fledgeling accommodations are set on fire, racism and fascism are long again salonable and the AfD in all parliaments entry has held, is a blow in the face for all humans, who used, in order to set the arising and carried out right turn somewhat against.

We do not want and cannot accept that all this remains unanswered. Therefore we call on all comrades and vehicles to take part in our campaign for the day (((i))), the Saturday before the trials at the Federal Administrative Court Leipzig. Therefore we will organize a nationwide demonstration in Leipzig to express our solidarity with and to defend ourselves against the ban.

Build solidarity networks, get in touch with us and let us show together that we are not willing to carry these conditions further!

Let us turn the day (((i))) into a day of resistance!